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Ganzo G727M

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Ganzo G727M

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Closer with blade secured by Axis-lock, handle made of G-10 material with steel inserts. The blade is 90mm long, 3,5mm thick, with a flat cut. The blade opens with a double-sided pin. The clip is attached to the heel of the blade, it can be moved to the right or left side.

  • Blade steel: 440 (58-60HRC)
  • Blade length: 90mm
  • Blade thickness: 3,5mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Length of open blade: 210mm
  • Closed blade length: 120mm
  • Colour: black, green, orange, camouflage

User review of the GANZO G727

    Ganzo knives made in China are slowly but surely starting to win their place on the Czech market. They are inexpensive, despite their low price very well made, made of steels of sufficient quality and very often their shape is based on their much more expensive original designs of renowned brands. I myself own the third knife of this brand, to this day not one of them has betrayed me and I am satisfied with them.

Let's take a look at the Ganzo G727 knife.

GANZO G727 - foto Jan PokornýAt first glance, this knife is inspired by the well-known Ontario RAT-1 knife (RAT knives are primarily designed for outdoor and survival use). However, there are a few differences:

  • Ganzo has a blade made of 440C steel (much used for example on Spanish knives Muela and Nieto), RAT-1 is made of AUS-8 steel
  • Ganzo has only two locking screws on the back of the handle (one in the middle of the handle and one on the back), RAT-1 has five in total
  • Ganzo has the blade secured with Axis Lock (which I personally like), RAT-1 has Liner lock
  • The Ganzo has a slightly shorter handle than the RAT-1 and a more drop point blade (compared to the RAT-1, the blade is "steeper" towards the tip).
  • Ganzo has only two clip attachment options (left and right side of the handle near the lanyard hole), RAT-1 has four positions. This is not a disadvantage, rather a definite minus for those who are used to fiddling with the clip at will (or in the mood).

    The manufacturer states the following parameters for the Ganzo G727M knife:GANZO G727 - foto Jan Pokorný

  • Steel: 440C (a very good stainless steel, which loses its sharpness a bit sooner - compared to AUS-8, for example - but which is very easy to sharpen and has sufficient durability for most common activities)
  • Blade: drop point shape, flat cut (ideal for cutting and fine work)
  • Lock: Axis Lock (a reliable and well-made lock on this knife)
  • Handle: G-10 with metal inserts (the handle has a fine roughening that keeps the knife from slipping in the hand)
  • Blade thickness: 3.5mm (that's a solid piece of steel in your pocket)
  • Weight: 120g (you can already feel this weight in your pocket, but not so much that it's pulling your pants to your knees)
  • Length of closed blade: 120mm
  • Open blade length: 210mm


    The Ganzo 727M knife catches the eye at first glance. Especially with those who know its original pattern. On first impression it does not look cheap as from the market, nothing is left anywhere, no burrs, loose etc. Already at the first acquaintance it fits pleasantly in the hand, the edges of the handle do not press in the palm, they are not uncomfortable even with a stronger grip on the handle. The grips do not tend to slip in the palm of the hand.

    The blade opens a little stiffly, but this is not a problem that cannot be eliminated by a drop of oil and a slight loosening of the center pin (which, by the way, each knife owner "tunes" according to himself). There is no play in the pin, neither horizontal nor vertical. The blade's facet is symmetrical along its entire length and on both sides (this phenomenon is not so common on more expensive brand models - thanks to mass machine production, where the output quality is often not so important). For my taste, it is a bit dull from the factory (it does not shave), but this can be solved very well with a sharpener (which I do with all my new knives). The pin to open the blade is double-sided, well machined from the factory, so you won't rub or scratch it. When closed, the blade is centered (something I often miss on more expensive brand models). Similar to the RAT-1, the blade's back is angled to the right (does not affect the functionality of the knife).

GANZO G727 - foto Jan Pokorný    The Axis Lock is a popular lock on more expensive knife models (Benchmade, Spyderco, etc.). It holds very well on the Ganz, it doesn't tend to loosen the blade lock when open. Releases well, walks smoothly. With a little practice, the blade can be opened and closed with one hand. If the center pivot is well adjusted, the blade can be opened and closed with a swing with the safety on.

The belt clip (or rather, for pocket holstering) is very stiff and very close to the handle. Which is not a bad thing, but with softer trouser materials it will tend to snag and chafe the fabric. It can be solved by either bending slightly away from the handle, or waiting for it to "walk out" a bit. The advantage is that the knife will not fall out of the pocket even if you "stand on your head".

    After a slight resharpening of the facet, the blade goes well into the cut. Thanks to the flat cut, it can handle meat, vegetables, but also wood, wet branches. It is a knife that is primarily designed for work, so it can handle common outdoor activities that we would expect from a closing knife. It will cut rods for barbecues, cut rope, chop shavings for starting a fire, gut fish and game (tried and tested practically on fish). Don't expect Cold Steel-type marketing "hogwash", where a grown man hangs on a stuck closing knife (by the way, if you are all about showing off to a gawking crowd, buy a knife from another "marketing-savvy" company). Thanks to the thumb rest on the top of the blade, you can put more pressure on the blade in a vertical direction (useful for example when preparing shavings). The knife will not get lost even in finer work (for example, to carve a boat for a child, etc. - it is not primarily a carving knife, of course).

GANZO G727 - foto Jan Pokorný    Some knife owners (and would-be survivalists) perform various "improprieties" with their pets, which usually damage the knife as a whole or its individual parts - handle, blade, etc. (opening a can with the blade, throwing the knife, soldering to see what the centre blade can withstand, batoning with the blade open, etc.). The knife isn't designed for these activities, but if you bought it just to prove it wasn't indestructible, then you'll find out very quickly that you were right. I don't expect to hang from a rock with a switchblade, cut a heart into my boss's front hood with it, pry open a dented crate with it, or take down an angry grizzly with it. I expect to have a reliable sidekick in my pocket for the everyday situations when I need a knife, to cut bread with it, or cut my car seat belt with it, to keep my pants from falling down to my ankles thanks to its weight, and to be able to carry it happily.

    The Ganzo G727M meets all of these requirements. It's affordable - it's a good quality and reasonably priced replica of the RAT-1. It fits well in the hand, doesn't squeeze, and is pleasant to work with. It has a reliable safety that holds the blade well in the open position. The 440C steel sharpens well, which will be appreciated especially by those who are not so experienced in this art. It will hold its sharpness long enough with good handling. The knife does not give the impression of "heavy pants" and basically one does not even know about it after a while. The clip on the handle is stiffer, but this is a matter of habit. The green handle is again ideal for a militarist and "green lover" like me.

    What to say in conclusion? Ganzo did not disappoint me with this model either. I have in it a reliable companion for everyday use (of course, I do not neglect my original and more expensive models of closing knives), with which I do not have to be afraid to go to town or outdoors. It's compact, fairly lightweight, and yet doesn't look cheap (like something from the market). The disadvantage for connoisseurs may be the inability to change clip positions at will and its stiffness.

Jan Pokorný

User review of GANZO G727 - Milan Matějka

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