Ganzo Firebird FH51
  • Ganzo Firebird FH51
  • Ganzo Firebird FH51
  • Ganzo Firebird FH51
  • Ganzo Firebird FH51
  • Ganzo Firebird FH51
  • Ganzo Firebird FH51
  • Ganzo Firebird FH51

Ganzo Firebird FH51

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The Firebird FH51 knife model is aimed at a wide range of tasks. It is suitable for hiking, fishing or everyday use in the city. It is a closing knife made of high-quality D2 stainless steel with an attractive, practical design and high durability.

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The Firebird FH51 is a multi-purpose clip that is equally well suited for hiking, picnicking, fishing and everyday EDC use and work. Its blade is made of D2 steel, which is considered semi-stainless in composition because it contains only 12% Chromium. However, impurities of Molybdenum and Vanadium make the metal more resistant to aggressive environments, increasing its durability and hardness. Of all the alloys in this category, D2 is the most stainless steel.

The blade length of the knife is 81 mm. Ganzo made the blade as a Clip-point. The curve of the blade drops towards the tip, creating a false edge with a pronounced edge and a relatively long blade. The cutting edge is flat along its entire length. There is a cutout at the bottom of the blade near the handle and ribs at the top to prevent fingers from slipping when handling the knife. The blade is ground with the popular satin finish.

The handle of the Firebird FH51 is made of two G10 liners that are connected by several screws. They have a smooth rounded shape that is best suited for holding the knife in the palm of the hand and using it for long periods of time. There is a hole in the back of the handle for threading the Paracord. One side of the handle has a fixed clasp, which cannot be repositioned with this model.

The Firebird FH51 model is equipped with a Liner-Lock and to open the blade you will be assisted by the so-called Flipper, which allows you to bring the knife to the state of readiness for work quickly and easily.

  • Blade steel: D2
  • Blade length: 81mm
  • Blade thickness: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 87g
  • Open blade length: 185mm
  • Closed blade length: 105mm
  • Colour: black, green, blue
FH51-GB (768)

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