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Ganzo G729

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Single-handed folding knife with G-10 composite blades, axis-lock lock

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One-handed closing knife with metal handle with G-10 composite blades, axis-lock lock and blade made of 440 material. One of the few closing knives suitable for both left- and right-handed users - the pocket clip can be repositioned from right to left, and the controls are identical on both sides of the knife.


  • Blade steel: 440C
  • Blade length: 88mm
  • Blade thickness: 3,1mm
  • Weight: 116g
  • Open blade length: 210mm
  • cCosed blade length: 122mm
  • Colour: black, green, orange, camouflage

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User review of GANZO G729 - Jan Pokorný


    Ganzo knives made in China are slowly but surely starting to win their place on the Czech market. They are inexpensive, despite their low price very well made, made of steels of sufficient quality and very often their shape is based on their much more expensive original designs of renowned brands. I myself own the fifth knife of this brand, so far I cannot complain about any of them and I am satisfied with them.

GANZO G729 - foto Jan Pokorný    The Ganzo G729 is clearly inspired by the famous Spyderco Paramilitary 2 knife. The large opening on the blade alone is unmistakable (this opening on the blade is traditionally associated with Spyderco knives, although it appears on other brands nowadays). There are a few differences between this expensive original and the Chinese replica:

  • Ganzo costs around 700,-, Spyderco is at least six times more expensive
  • Ganzo has a blade made of 440C steel (much used on Spanish knives such as Muela and Nieto), Spyderco has a blade made of CPM S30V steel
  • Ganzo has a 3.3mm thick blade, Spyderco 3.5mm
  • Ganzo has only two clip positions (due to the Axis Lock locking feature that prevents the clip from being positioned at the center pin), Spyderco has four clip positions. There is also a difference in the placement of the three clip holes (on the Spyderco the holes are arranged in a triangle shape, on the Ganzo they are basically side by side)
  • Ganzo is made with Axis Lock, Spyderco with Compression Lock (very simplified - similar to Liner Lock only on the top of the handle, not at the bottom of the thumb)
  • Ganzo has cheap concave head torxes to tighten the handle and center pin, Spyderco uses a slightly higher quality straight head torx
  • Ganzo is easy to find, Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is a bit harder to find

    What unites both knives is the G-10 handle, practically the same blade shape, a large opening for opening the blade with one hand and a thumb rest behind it.  Even the clip looks quite similar, only on the Spyderco there is the traditional spider emblem.

The manufacturer states the following parameters for the Ganzo G720 knife:GANZO G729 - foto Jan Pokorný

  • Steel: 440C (high quality stainless steel that is very easy to grind and durable enough for most common activities)
  • Blade: 88mm long, polished, drop point shape, flat cut (harder to sharpen, but in this case the blade still has a blade facet that is resharpened)
  • Lock: double-sided Axis Lock (reliable and well-made lock on this knife)
  • Handle: G-10 with metal inserts (the handle has a slight roughening, so that the knife does not slip in the hand)
  • Blade thickness: 3.3mm (at the spine of the blade, gradually thinning in a flat cut towards the blade)
  • Weight: 123g (it's not a heavy knife that will weigh you down in your pocket, nor will it be blown off the table by the wind)
  • Closed blade length: 122mm
  • Length of open blade: 210mm


    The Ganzo G729 is a knife that fits your hand when you first get to know it. It grips well, there is no pressure anywhere, no burrs, no sharp edges. For a Chinese replica, it is well made. You can grip it tightly in your palm and yet you don't feel like your hand has to drop off after a while.

    The blade opens very well. If you have it well adjusted, there is no play in the blade, neither horizontal nor vertical. The blade facet is symmetrical along its length and on both sides (I'm not even surprised by Ganzo anymore, but I can also just get really lucky with good pieces per series). The knife came to me beautifully sharp - it shaves. The blade opening hole is large enough, well machined from the factory, my thumb doesn't rub against it when opening the blade. The edge at the thumb rest is a bit sharper. When closed, the blade is in the central axis, the blade also does not bend laterally.  

    Axis Lock is a reliable lock. It grips very well on the Ganz, it doesn't tend to loosen the blade lock when open. It releases well, walks smoothly. With a little practice, the blade can be opened and closed with one hand. If the center pivot is well adjusted, the blade can be opened and closed with a swing with the safety on.

    The clip on the handle is sufficiently rigid and close enough to the handle. It will loosen a little over time, but not so much that when you jump for joy, the knife falls out onto the pavement. It doesn't rip the hem of your pants pocket when you pull it out, and it doesn't push or get in the way when you grip it. It's polished, so it doesn't rub off any paint, which sometimes bothers connoisseurs (on the other hand, it's a sign that you didn't have the knife in your pocket the first day).

GANZO G729 - foto Jan Pokorný    The knife will definitely not get lost in everyday use. You can use it in food processing (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish), outdoors in the field (wood, branches, car belt, rope, etc.) it is also good to work with. It is good for slicing printed matter, it is easy to process small onions, and it is also good for spreading pate (thanks to the relatively wide blade). You have to cut the slice of bread all the way around, because the blade is too short for this task. It's a knife that is primarily designed for manly work (again, given the steel of the blade), but you can do finer work with it. A bark boat for a spunt, some carving...why not. It takes deft hands. Thanks to the thumb rest on the top of the blade, you can put more pressure on it in a vertical direction (useful for example when preparing shavings, cutting less pliable material, etc.).

    Tough guys who expect "cinematic feats" from their knife (puncturing a car hood, rappelling through a safety line hole, etc.) can forget about buying this knife. The 440C steel and the overall construction of the knife is not suitable for such stunts. However, in a crisis situation where your life would depend on the knife, you would not look at the quality of the steel and the price of the knife you have in your pocket. If you know how to do it (without damaging the knife), you can try something non-standard with it.

    In this day and age, where it's still probably not quite normal to carry knives like this in your pocket and use them for everyday activities, you're sure to attract attention. Especially if you align the centre pivot and open the blade with a swing. But it's also about where and how you use your knife and how you open it.   

    So how do I rate the Ganzo G729? It's affordable. It fits well in the hand where it doesn't press and gets the job done in normal use. It has a reliable lock that holds the blade well in the open position. The 440C steel is quite easy to sharpen, which will be appreciated especially by those who are not so experienced in this skill. It will hold its sharpness for quite a long time with good handling. The knife is reasonably heavy, so your hands won't tire as quickly when working with it. The clip on the handle holds well. Overall, the knife does not look shabby, it is clear that the comrades in China have played with it.  

    What to say in conclusion? Ganzo did not disappoint me again. As a knife lover, I have in it a reliable companion for everyday carry and use. I don't have to be afraid to cut something with it and even though it is from China, it doesn't look cheap (like from the market).


Jan Pokorný

User review of GANZO G729 - Milan Matějka

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