Ganzo F743-2
  • Ganzo F743-2
  • Ganzo F743-2
  • Ganzo F743-2
  • Ganzo F743-2
  • Ganzo F743-2

Ganzo F743-2

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The Ganzo G743-2 folding knife is suitable for outdoor trips and can be used in the city. It is small and not heavy. It is made of 440C steel, G10 blade, Frame-Lock safety.

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The Ganzo G743-2 looks simple. The design of this knife is more classic than other EDC knives, but it's just as usable on trips or camping trips. The main material of this knife is 440C stainless steel. This is a very widespread steel in the cutlery industry that retains its sharpness for a long time. The knife has a flat cut, so it is suitable for cutting food and other materials. All cuts are precise. The blade length of this knife is 87mm. The thickness of the blade is 3mm.

Ganzo G743-2 has a combination handle. The part near the blade (about one third of the length) is made of steel and has the same processing as the blade. On the remaining part, both sides of the handle have cover plates made of a fiberglass composite known as G10. They are screwed to the base with two small screws. The surface of the blades is roughened by the use of small grooves. This helps for a better grip if your palms are wet. One side of the handle has a fixed clasp, which cannot be repositioned on this model.

  • Blade steel: 440C
  • Blade length: 87mm
  • Blade thickness: 3.0mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Length of open blade: 200mm
  • Closed blade length: 114mm
  • Colour: black, green

Tip: The difference between the G743-1 and G743-2 models is the blade finish. G743-1 has a smooth (satin) blade finish, G743-2 has a StoneWash blade finish.

F743-2-GR (895)

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