Ganzo G301-H
  • Ganzo G301-H
  • Ganzo G301-H
  • Ganzo G301-H
  • Ganzo G301-H
  • Ganzo G301-H
  • Ganzo G301-H
  • Ganzo G301-H
  • Ganzo G301-H

Ganzo G301-H


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The Ganzo G301-H is one of the most stylish models manufactured by Ganzo. It is a compact multitool that contains a range of much needed tools from pliers and screwdrivers, to a saw and serrated blade. A great tool at a reasonable price!

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The handle and all tools are made of high quality 440C steel with chrome plated surface. The dimensions are a compact 10,5 x 5cm and contains 26 tools. Weight is 277g.

Ganzo G301-H could be useful not only for hikers, hunters and fishermen but also at home. It will be useful if you urgently need to fix a zipper or cut something out as it includes a wire cutter blade, scissors and much more. The tools are secured with an Axis-Lock lock when opened.

The tool has a sleek shape so it can be hung on your keys as a key holder or placed on your belt in the included pouch.

In the tool you will find:

  • classic pliers
  • a blade for cutting wire
  • bottle opener
  • can opener
  • knife (made of 440C steel)
  • knife with serrated blade (made of 440C steel)
  • saw
  • scissors
  • screwdriver 4-corner (5mm) / bit holder
  • flat head screwdriver
  • awl
  • 11 classic bits (3x Phillips, 3x flat and 5x Allen)

The pliers come with a black nylon case with a snap closure.

The difference between the Ganzo G301 and Ganzo G301-H is the finish. Ganzo G301 has a matte finish, Ganzo G301-H has a polished finish.

The difference between the Ganzo G301-H and Ganzo G302-H is the replaceable wire cutting edge. In the G301-H, the cutting edge is fixed to the pliers.


G301-H (718)

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