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The Ganzo G766 is a unique butterfly knife, the first of its kind in the company's range. Thanks to the combination of high-quality materials, attention to even the smallest design details and bold solutions, this model has taken pride of place among tools for everyday use.

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The Ganzo G766 is a classic bow tie that features increased strength and low weight. The knife has a design characteristic of bow ties, which includes a folding blade made of 440C steel and a handle divided into two halves. 440C steel is a chrome alloy steel and is used extensively in the manufacture of EDC knives. Due to its high chromium and carbon content, this material features high hardness in the range of 56-59 HRC and maintains sharpness for a long time even with daily use of the knife. The steel is corrosion resistant and, with proper care, has an indefinite service life while retaining its original properties.

The handle of the knife is designed so that the user can open the knife with a one-handed motion. This task is made easier by the clever weight ratio of blade to handle, which allows the knife to be ready in a fraction of a second. The handle is fitted with G10 fibreglass inserts with a characteristic rough surface that minimises product slippage in a wet hand and improves grip. In the open position, the handle has a minimal width, making the knife comfortable to use for owners with small hands.

The peculiarity of the Ganzo G766 knife lies not only in the high-quality materials, but also in the ultra-light weight of the design, which is only 50 grams. Thanks to this, you can freely carry the tool with you in your bag or clothes and use it as needed. At the same time, the length of the knife in the open position is 203 mm and the thickness of the blade is 3 mm, which makes the model a full-featured knife for use in everyday life. This bow tie type knife is not a melee weapon, but is suitable for performing a number of tricks.

  • Blade steel: 440C
  • Blade length: 89mm
  • Blade thickness: 3.0mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Open blade length: 203mm
  • Length of closed blade: 114mm
  • Colour: black, orange
G766-OR (890)

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