Ganzo G7362
  • Ganzo G7362
  • Ganzo G7362
  • Ganzo G7362
  • Ganzo G7362
  • Ganzo G7362

Ganzo G7362

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The Ganzo G7362 looks stylish and elegant, and it's also a great helper on a trip or in the home. The knife is made of 440C steel and the handle features a modern material called G10.

Colour: Black
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The Ganzo G7362 attracts the attention of anyone who appreciates compactness, practicality and elegance. Although the open blade is 195mm long, it looks quite small. The reason for this is the thoughtful and simple design.

And now more about the details of the knife and its features. The blade is made of the best-selling 440C production steel. This is a stainless steel alloy with a carbon content of up to 1.2%. It is the hardest in its group, allowing the knife to stay sharp longer. In order for this steel to retain its original properties, it is necessary to take at least basic care of the knife, just and deprive the blade of moisture. However, no significant effort is required from the user. The sharpening of the blade is straightforward, which also speaks in favour of its versatility. The blade does not glisten in the sun, as its surface is matt.

The part of the handle that is closer to the blade is also made of metal. And furthermore, the material used is G10 textured fibreglass composite. Its characteristic properties are: strength, durability, resistance to various negative factors of external influences.

  • Blade steel: 440C
  • Blade length: 80mm
  • Blade thickness: 3.0mm
  • Weight: 134g
  • Open blade length: 195mm
  • Closed blade length: 115mm
  • Colour: black

The difference between G7631 and G7632 is the blade finish. G7632 has a matte finish - Stonewash. G7631 has a polished blade.

G7362-BK (863)

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